Cefni German Shepherd Rescue | Seren 12 month old german shepherd bitch black and tan
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Seren ~ Available for Adoption now


To follow Seren whilst she is in Kennels - please CLICK HERE to go to her facebook blog.

New photos and videos are uploaded on a weekly bases by our kennel volunteers.








Please click below for the Rescue's Rehoming Policy


Rescue Rehoming Policy LINK


Dog's Full Information listed below:


Dog's Name:  Seren (means Star in welsh)  

Approx Age/Date of Birth:

 approx 1 year old  
Gender:  Bitch  
Coat Colour and Length:  Short haired black and tan in colour medium framed bitch  
Neutered:  to be spayed by adoption  
Identity:  Microchipped  
Inoculated:  fully inoculated  due may 2018  
Basic Commands / Lead Training

 Seren has some very basic commands and needs to start from scratch regarding walking on a lead, at the moment she walks with her nails pulling so badly, which we will be working on slowly.

Also Seren needs to understand she will thrive if she listened more to the handler/owner as she does enjoy more emotional praise than praising her by giving her a toy - Some treats she is not so fussed on.

Notes on how the dog reacts to dogs:  Seren is aggressive towards dogs - strict NO OTHER DOGS IN THE HOME.  
Notes on how the dog reacts to cats:  CAT FREE HOME  
How the dog reacts to people in general and strangers:  Seren loves peope and thrives on receiving praise and love from everyone she can get near too. She does adore people and will come upto you all ears back just begging to be loved by you. She is certianly a people's dog.  
How the dog reacts to children / limitations with children: 

Our rehoming policy when a dog has been found as a stray is rehoming with children 9-12yrs onwards or preferably with no children.

Grooming experience: to be updated  

Current Location of Dog:


 In kennels - South Yorkshire Area  
Medical History/Current medical issues:



Flea'd Due 

Wormer Due 


Transporting/Riding in a car:  No issues - settles down  
Assessors Notes:

 Seren is an adorable girl which will thrive in a new home. She has had some issues with dogs in her short life which has now made her all noise and protective over herself to scare them away from her, by barking at them showing her teeth and just being a total noisey silly girl towards them.


She will come away from them if you are training her, we were getting great results with her in the 90mins or so we were spending with her, we had her in the end sitting other side of the fence in the next run with a dog by the side of her (see through fence between them) as soon as you offer her love and praise she will come away from the other dog and come to you just dyin for the attention you are offering her. she will go far with the correct positive training, and patience as well as being consisten too. She is a lovely girl and I am sure will be an amazing companion in the right home.




The next step if you wish to adopt from Cefni German Shepherd Rescue:


Please read the Dog's full information and if you think you can offer the dog the kind of home he/she needs,

please complete our online adoption application form


Please click the "ADOPT ME" logo below:                                          We have a frequently asked questions page




General costs of our Rescue - your adoption fee helps towards lowering our monthly outgoings




All rescue dogs receive 4 weeks free Petplan insurance



Also Royal Canin Rescue Pack, which provides:

samples of Royal Canin food, newsletter and a £20 voucher to receive a 3.5kg sack of GSD breed food


10% off any items at the Pets at Home stores nationwide in the UK this is given by the Support for Adoption scheme


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