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Some information for some of you guys who travel about with your dog(s) in your vehicle
2017-08-12 10:15:51
Good afternoon everyone we have some updates below which many of you will be interested in. We have been quiet on this page for a few weeks, there are a couple of good reason for this.... Firstly - it is that time of year where many people are lucky enough to be on/going on holiday and adopting dogs is the last thing on their minds (bearing in mind many also try to get rid of their dogs to save paying for kennels - this is fact) Secondly - we have had a couple of dogs which were needing to have medical attention, and waiting on their recovery, as well as being inoculated, neutered, groomed etc. Thirdly - a couple of us took alittle time out to re-evaluate a couple of things with the rescue, due to being trolled badly over the past couple of months with 1 or 2 things, also the usual morons which we seem to attract to spit out their dummies then go on a mission to ruin a good rescue. Fourthly - we will be updating the facebook page this weekend with the new dogs - we also have new pleas for help and donations, and as always we will be relying on you - our followers - to help in any way that you can. We are very thankful to the Messages we have received and emails asking if all was OK behind the scenes with the page so quiet - this means the world to us that we are being thought of and concerned over too. We do need as much help to rehome our long term dogs in kennels we have 3 now which have been in over a year and we really need to get them moving on - as every day a dog is in kennels and not enjoying it, they start going down hill slowly which ruins their spirit and character over time. Many thanks once again everyone - please look out for the updates this weekend, and share as much as you can. Our fundraising team is busy every weekend out at events so if you can meet up with them they would love to show you their foster dog, and their own very fine german shepherds they have. Admin.
2017-08-11 13:11:58
Update about susie in her foster home.
2017-07-20 21:12:48
The adorable sister 'sasha' is now ready for adoption. currently in kennels waiting for her forever home. Neutered, microchipped and will be fully vaccinated before adoption. Homecheck and adoption fee applies. Information about sasha will be on our website tomorrow.
2017-07-19 20:13:22

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