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Ian Dyer
Ian Dyer
Cefni German Shepherd Rescue will be at the Dogs Unleashed event at Bakewell this weekend. If you are going, please come to the stand and say hello.
2017-06-21 20:21:31
Cefni German Shepherd Rescue
Cefni German Shepherd Rescue
IF YOU CAN NOT REHOME PLEASE SHARE Pretty Peggy desperately needs her retirement home; she was a stray and deserves her new life as soon as possible …. can you help her? Peggy was picked up and taken into Manchester Dogs home where she did her usual legal 7 days. No-one came forward for her, no owners, no-one missing her, nothing…. So we (Cefni GSD Rescue) stepped forward to help Peggy and save her from being put to sleep. Peggy is 7 years old and is a short-coated, black and tan German Shepherd. Obviously, with a lovely name like she has, she is female, microchipped and fully inoculated. We do have a return to base (manchester Dogs Home) free neutering voucher for her too. So this is all sorted for her and all she needs is her new family to come forward. Peggy is not keen on dogs so she needs a dog free home. She is also not keen on cats, so again a cat-free home. Peggy is such a good girl with people; she is a little reserved and a little bewildered, thinking “what the heck am I doing living in a kennel?”, but we are trying to make her stay with us as fun and nice as possible. As Peggy was a stray, our rehoming policy is strict that any children in the home are 9-12 years onwards or, preferably, no children. Peggy has some basic commands and, ideally, she needs lead work too; she is quite a strong girl for her age. We want to make sure Peggy is matched with the right new owners, so would suggest an experienced home which can work on socialising her with other dogs slowly. This is being done in kennels now, but it’s a work in progress. If you can offer Peggy the home she desperately deserves, please read her full listing on our website then complete the online application form - Homecheck applies to all suitable applicants. ADOPTION FEE is £150 If you wish to read more about Peggy please visit our website - Many thanks
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2017-06-21 19:00:00
Cefni German Shepherd Rescue
Cefni German Shepherd Rescue
I am sure you will agree the transformation of Tara from when she first came into us a year ago to how amazing she looks now.... she does not look the same dog! Tara is now more than ready for her forever home but its a special home for this girl... IF YOU CAN NOT REHOME - PLEASE SHARE: Tara is a very beautiful German Shepherd girl of around 7-8 years old. She was handed into us here Cefni German Shepherd Rescue about a year ago and is still waiting for her forever home. Poor Tara has had a tough past and she’s been let down by the people she trusted. She arrived as a cruelty case; very underweight and submerged in cold cooking oil which had completely soaked into her ears and fur. After a long period of TLC, a good diet and plenty of baths to de-grease her coat and clean her ears, Tara is looking so much better. The rescue staff have been feeding her on GSD Royal Canin to ensure she gets all the right supplements, oils and minerals, so she’s looking in tip top condition now. The green tint caused by the cooking oil has completely gone, and her coat has a lovely glossy sheen to it. Imagine how much better she must feel – no wonder she is smiling! Tara likes being around people she knows and trusts. Although she’s settled into the hustle and bustle of daily kennel life and is used to other dogs moving around, kennel staff passing back and forth etc, she will do so much better in a calm home environment where her true personality can really blossom. She thrives on structure and routine and needs an understanding person to guide her. Tara is a super intelligent girl and she loves learning new tricks. She is easy to train and always eager to please, so she will make a wonderfully loyal companion. Tara thoroughly enjoys being out on walks in the country. She can be reactive to other dogs, a common trait with German Shepherds, but her lead work has come on very well so she can be handled nicely in a head collar or figure of 8 lead. Although Tara arrived with some food aggression issues, this is improving on a day by day basis. It is still work in progress and the rescue says she has some good days and some grumpy days, but they believe Tara will be more relaxed once in a home environment with an understanding owner. Tara has a delightfully cheeky personality and she loves to play. She was spoilt for choice at Christmas when she received lots of prezzies from her fans! Tara has put the horrors of her past behind her and is trying to move on. She’s looking for an adult-only home without cats or other dogs, and a calm, confident person to show her what the world has to offer. Lots of walks, love, TLC and a daily routine will keep her happy, and a happy Tara is a joy to behold. Tara has no known health conditions and her coat and ears are very clean now. She has recently had a season and is now neutered. If you are interested in registering with us and to be homechecked for adoption please visit our website on: many thanks
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2017-06-21 18:00:00

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